kythnos island

The festivals in Kythnos, as in the rest of Greece, are some of the most important manifestations of religious and everyday life . Although Kythnos is a small island, it has a particularly large number of churches, an indication of the piety of the island's inhabitants who, being seafarers with difficult living conditions, very often asked for the help of the Saints. The religious feeling of the residents is particularly strong, something that can be seen with their participation in the feasts and festivals of Saints and the respect they show for tradition and church rules.

Of course, the festivals of Kythnos, in addition to the exercise of religious duties, are also an occasion for dancing and feasting which starts on the eve of the feast of the Saint, lasts all night and continues until the next day. The inhabitans of Kythnos or Thermia are known for their dancing skills and to start the traditional dance called balos all that is needed is a violin and a lute. These improvised orchestras consisting of lute and violin are called "zias".

The visitor's participation in a festival is a unique and unforgettable experience since the festivals in Kythnos are considered to be one of the traditional aegean and cycladic events. Of course, at the festival you will have the opportunity to taste traditional thermian snacks and enjoy the dancing skills of the residents who, wearing traditional costumes, dance the Thermian balos.

The most important festivals in Kythnos are those held in honor of Virgin Mary or Panagia in greek on the fifteenth of August – Panagia Stratolatissa, Panagia Kanala, Panagia Nikos – and on September 8 Panagia Flambouriani. Even among the multitude of festivals, the festivals of the Holy Apostles in Dryopida and of the Holy Trinity in Chora stand out for their brilliance, where the metropolitan churches of the two villages celebrate respectively.