kythnos island

Kythnos is considered by many as a joy for motorboats and yachtsmen, since the coastline of about 100 bays and coves provides the means for constantly seeking and exploring by sea.

Kythnos island lies nestled between Kea and Serifos islands of the Western Cyclades of the Greek islands. Like many Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, it is a boating paradise since land is never too far away. To get there, you book by ferry or rent a yacht and sail from the ports of Piraeus or Lavrio for about 2 hours. Visiting the island by sea, by necessity means getting “baptized” as a sailor, at the windy crossing of Cavo Doro.

Kythnos has a coastline of approximately 100 km in length, punctuated with over 70 beaches, making it an exceedingly well recommended destination for sailing experiences which start by renting a suitable vessel.

Loutra is perhaps the most popular destination of sailors since it has an organized port. From here you can start one of the many tours of the other islands of the Aegean for an island hopping holiday.

Kolona is one of the island’s most famous beaches and its most popular. It is where sunbathers can soak some holiday sunshine at the beach, with the sea lapping the shores of both sides of the crescent-shaped isthmus.No person can say they have visited Kythnos without going via Kolona,. In the summer it is crowded in both adjacent bays with yachts of all size and shape.

The main port of Kythnos is at Merihas which is located at the western section of the island. At Mericha there are water taxis that will get you to anyt beach you wish on the island, no matter how inaccessible by road. The many bays and coves Kythnos Island offers allow for a different swimming location for a almost two and a half months! Sailing to each in turn will offer a great experience of the Greek Islands.

Loutra bay is to the north. The bays of Episkopi, Kolona, Merihas and Stefanos are located in the central region of the island while the bays of Kanala, Lefkes and Nikolaos lie in the southern region of Kythnos.