kythnos island

For the visitor of Kythnos, there is nothing more important than to browse the attractions, to experience the pulse of the island and to feel the hospitality of the place by taking with him something that reminds him of the particular trip. Kythnos has a wide range of shops where you can find traditional products and souvenirs as well as works of folk art. At the same time, on the island you will find boutiques, sport shops and many other.

Although Kythnos is quite close to Athens, its market is interesting and very lively with many shops standing out for their own alternative style or attracting the visitor with the wide variety of local products. For those who want to do their shopping leisurely without the pressure of time that exists in everyday life there are many shops with clothing items, gift items as well as sport shops and all the necessary for sea bathing. Also on the island you will find shops with natural cosmetics made from pure materials from Kythnos and from the rest of Greece.

Many times we don't need to have a specific purchase in our minds, but surely by walking around the shops we will find something that will pique our interest. It is definitely worth spending a little extra time on our holidays looking for a gift for our loved ones who will appreciate the care we have shown for them.

When leaving Thermia, don't forget to take with you, local thyme honey, one of the most delicious and aromatic that exist. Kythnos is also famous for its preserves, knowns as spoon sweets in greek and its brittle (candied dried nuts). Among the preserves don't miss xylangouro (wild cucumber) and the wild cherry.. For wine lovers, Kythnos has its own wine, which is produced from the local variety psarosyriko.

In addition, in Kythnos there are many shops with souvenirs and for you and your loved ones. We still cannot fail to mention the shops with traditional items of folk art where you will find a wide range of products that will surely pique your interest.