kythnos island

Kythnos the pure and picturesque Cycladic island in recent years presents mild tourist development mainly from domestic tourism. This in turn has resulted in a number of caterers on the island that covers all tastes of visitors of restaurants, from taverns and fish restaurants to souvlaki, ouzeri (ouzo taverns) and snack bars.

The fact that Kythnos for many years did not belong to the purely tourist islands, the hilly terrain and the development of animal husbandry, and rich sea fishing areas that provide fresh fish on the island, resulted in tourism being a collateral activity for the residents. So the restaurants on the island of Kythnos are supplied with fresh fish caught daily around the island and in the open seas by the local fishing boats and arrive fresh on your plate.

The small local farms supply restaurants with local meat from live primarily free range stock roaming the hills of the island. The milk and dairy products produced on the island is exceptional and on reaching the restaurants turn into delicious local or other more gourmet delicacies and dishes. It is importantly to make note of the abundance of vegetables and greens arriving from Kythnian orchards and fields directly to the restaurants of Kithnos Island, providing the tourist with tasty dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. Beyond the purity of materials, the above characteristics are often translated into economic and inexpensive prices in eateries.

On the island of Kythnos there are several restaurants to initiate the visitor to Kythnian cuisine, but they also offer other more modern versions thereof. The restaurants located mainly in the settlements where the biggest tourist development and the existence of more accommodations are present. For this wide range of dining options your focus should be on Mericha which is the port of the island, at the popular resort of Loutra to the east of the island and at the picturesque Chora (Messaria) with its narrow streets and alleys.

In the above settlements, alongside the market and tourist shops are scattered restaurants to meet any needs the tourist may have. But there are Restaurants at even smaller but equally picturesque settlements as in Kanala, in mountainous Dryopida and the picturesque bay of Agia Irini located close to the popular Loutra (Baths). The remaining areas with restaurants are at Agios Stefanos with panoramic sea views, at Lefkes (poplars), at Apokrousi, Episkopi, Martinakia and at Agios Dimitrios with shops on the beach.

Generally they built as a continuation of the remaining component of the island, next to the water on the beach, next to the seaside, over the tie-off ropes or at small picturesque piers overlooking the sea or in the Cycladic alleys and courtyards surrounded by bougainvillea and dry-stone walls. Prices will vary, but generally compared to other tourist destinations, one will find Kythnos restaurants economical and inexpensive options.

Under the strict sense of the term on the basis of the provisions of law, a restaurant means the space in which various dishes are prepared that are offered to seated or even passing customers with or without beverages, especially alcohol and salads, cheese , fruits, sweets etc., to form a complete meal. For restaurants characterized as "country" or "tourist" (local designations) they may also offer morning beverages, simple or complex. While the term tavern means a restaurant, where customers stay seated for a longer time span consuming foods and alcoholic beverages, regardless of whether or not a live band is playing. On the island of Kythnos you will find classic restaurants in the above sense but which very often overlap with taverns.

What you will find at the restaurants of the island are primarily small units which are usually family businesses, lending a strong tone of hospitality and welcome. Most are distinguished by excellent, friendly and fast service; varied menus and are neat and clean. You will find them mainly in Mericha in Messaria (the Chora of Kythnos), Panagia Kanala and Loutra in Dryopida, Agios Dimitrios, Lefkes, Agios Stefanos, in Apokrousi in Martinakia and Episkopi which are the most developed tourist areas.

At the restaurants of the island, visitors have the opportunity to taste fresh fish and meat, as well as lots of appetizers made with local ingredients, such as sfougato, the strapatsades with courgettes, "kolopia" delicious hortopites (wild greens pies), sun-dried fish, the incredible rooster cooked in wine or katsikaki (goat) braised with potatoes and other local recipes customary at weddings of the locals. In addition to the classic local dishes, the restaurants cooks of Kithnos offer well prepared to proposals from the Greek and international cuisine but also innovative and meticulously prepared personal dishes.

The decor and aesthetics of the restaurants on the island of Kythnos is consistent with the minimal Cycladic landscape and sometimes approaches a more rustic and classic versions while others are even more minimal and mix and match trends. Despite the stylistic differences, the consistent taste which the fresh ingredients impart and the personal input of the owners, we could conclude that the restaurants of Kythnos offer distinct and timeless flavors and dishes while distinguished by good value for money.