kythnos island

The island of Kythnos with the indented coastline of 104 kilometers has several anchorages where you can berth or stay overnight. Along the 36 nautical miles constituting the perimeter of Kythnos island, there are many beaches, bays, small and large, marinas or small piers with tie offs, where you can moor.

Marinas - Moorings - Kythnos Sea Destinations

Merichas Port

Merichas the port of the island of Kythnos is located on the west side of the island, if you approach at night the beacon of the cape guides you and it is followed by the harbor beacon. Upon entering beware of the islet to the south. The port is characterized by the presence of many tourists; there are many restaurants, shops as well as hotels and rooms for rent. This is often the base for excursions to the beaches on the west coast of the island.

The bay ends at Yialos beach and on the northern end the waterfront ferries dock followed by a small pier where fishing boats dock.

It has no separate marina for yachts, so beyond the protective seawall there are arrows that indicate positions for vessels. Because the ferries and hydroplanes dock at the pier avoid the first spots. Usually the port of Merichas, Kythnos, is selected as a base for refueling and smaller sheltered coves are preferred to anchor in.

At the port of Merichas it is possible to resupply with water at the pier and fuel at nearby fuel stations as well as other supplies at nearby local supermarkets. If you require a mechanic, contact the pier with the fishing boats.

Loutra Marina

The bay of the Loutra (Bath bay) is very popular for those who have chosen exploring the island of Kythnos by sea. Located in the northeastern part of the island and packed with pleasure craft. The Spa is known since antiquity for its hot springs. It is a destination point for owners of vessels and this makes the anchorage difficult as many times boats are tied off in double and triple rows. Everything is within walking distance, restaurants, cafes and shops around the beach and marina.

Those who choose yachting holidays often use graphic Loutra (Bath bay) as a base to wander about the eastern coast of the island of Kythnos, using Vathi Avlaki (Deep furrow) approximately 4 nautical miles from Loutra (Bath bay). North of the port there are beaches in succession that will captivate you such as Skinari beach, Maroulas beach, Kavouroheri beach (Crab hand), Tria Potamia beach (Three rivers beach) and Agios Sostis beach (Saint Saviours beach).

When you approach during the night, use the beacon of Kefalos and after that the port beacon. You can tie off at the south jetty or moor in the eastern bay for greater security. Of course, if the weather is good you can anchor on the external side of the bay. Note that the bottom is sandy and muddy.

At the Loutra marina (Bath marina) it is easy to get supplies from local shops, water and electricity facilities are available at the pier. At the fishing boats that are moored there you can seek mechanical advice if you need it.

Agia Irini bay

The bay of Agia Irini (Saint Irene) is located to the east of the port of Loutra (Bath) in the wider bay area. It is a good anchorage with a view to the picturesque village, which has a small pier and some bindings. In case of northern winds it is best to avoid approaching the bay.

Kolona bay

The famous beach of Kolona (Column beach), Kythnos, with its unique natural beauty created by its morphology, connects two land masses with a sand bank that looks like a column thereby creating two beaches, one on either side, which makes it a great attraction for vessels, both speedboats and sailboats. The seabed is sandy and the bays are a good shelter as they are protected from the northern and southerly winds. The anchorage of Kolona (Column) is busy and there are many who select it for their overnight stay.

Apokrousi bay

To the northwest of the island of Kythnos, opposite the famous beach of Kolona (Column beach), is the bay of Apokrousi (Repulsion bay). The bay of Apokrousi (Repulsion) is very sheltered and preferred as anchorage by those who take sailing trips, offering protection from the wind. The seabed is sandy with seaweed requiring caution. The opening is to the west and a few rocks delineate the bay near the coast.

Episkopi bay

Just past Mericha we meet the Episkopi bay which is separated from the next bay that of Apokrousi (Repulsion bay) of the small Vryokastro peninsula. The bay of Episkopi with white sand is open to the west and is often chosen by seafarers for anchorage. Caution should be used as frequently the winds bring a little swell or undulation.

Fykiada bay

After the Bay of Apokrousi just before the famous Kolona bay is the anchorage of Fikiada, many boats tie up in the bay, the seabed is sandy with seaweed and attention is necessary because the anchor may drift. The gusts that come down from the ridges of the mountains sometimes create a strong choppiness.

Panagia Kanala Bay

Although the bay of Panagia Kanala does not offer as good protection from winds, it attracts many yachts, as its namesake village is very picturesque; at its end is the only pine forest on the island. You can tie off at the small pier to the east and climb the stairs leading to the patron of the island the church of Panagia Kanala. The bay is exposed to southeastern winds and you have to give special attention to the reef at the harbor’s entrance. In the bay there is the beach of Megali Ammos and that of Andonidon, the latter is accessed by land via stairs, so those who come by boat have the advantage.

Agios Stefanos bay

Following Agios Ioanis bay (Saint John’s bay) is the bay of Agios Stefanos (Saint Stephen’s bay) which is very safe harbor. Often used by motor boat and sailing yacht passengers to swim in the clear waters to the beautiful beach and have lunch in the tavern on the beach. It is also preferred as overnight anchorage. Your attention is required for the rocks in the middle of the bay as they stretch up to 100 meters landward. Just past the small bay of Agios Stefanos (Saint Stephen’s bay) follows the beautiful beach of Aosas. Then follows a series of remarkable beaches you can reach by yacht, such as Lefkes beach (Poplar beach) that was once and port loading ore, the Liotrivi beach (Olive press beach) and the Kalo Livadi beach (Good Meadow beach).

Agios Ioanis bay

Also in the east of the island you will find the large bay of Agios Ioanis bay (Saint John’s bay) with a sandy seabed and seaweed. It provides shelter against the winds even when they exceed 7 Beaufort. Because strong gusts blow, it is advisable in this case to anchor near the coast. In the wider bay area unfold smaller beaches such as the Vasilikou beach (Royal beach) of Agkoritsas beach and Lagkousi beach which can be enjoyed by those who own a vessel.

Agiou Nikolaou bay

Before Panagia Kanala bay (Virgin Kanala aby) is the bay of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas bay), which is open to the south and east.

Other marine destinations in Kythnos

Continuing south with your vessel from Panagia Kanala (Virgin Kanala), you will discover other beaches like Simousi beach, the Gaidouromandra beach (Donkey wall beach) and the secluded Petrousa beach (Stony beach).

Be sure to check out the sea cave with its stalactites on the east coast known as “Legamena” with your boat, paying special attention to the reefs, but also Karavospilia (the Boat cave) on the northern coast of the island. Also don’t forget the wild cape of Kefalos with its lighthouse as you admire the scenery with steep cliffs while keeping an eye on the nearby reef.

In addition to these bays, numerous beaches and “virgin” beaches unfold south of the port of Merichas. By no means constituting basic anchorages, the following beaches are approached by boat. After the port of Merichas follows Flabouria with a beautiful beach of unparalleled scenery as on the headland to the south stands the picturesque church of Panagia Flampouriani. In the settlement there is the prospect of a good meal or even to obtain necessities. Following are two small beaches accessed only by boat just before the secluded beach Mavrianos.

Continuing towards the southernmost settlement of Agios Dimitrios (Saint Demetrius) you can enjoy relaxing moments in the small inaccessible to reach by car beaches of Aliki (Salt pan beach), Divlaka beach, Trivlaka beach and Stifou beach (Astringent beach). Shortly after Stifou beach do not miss the interesting rock formations on "Moutsounes".

You may choose to finish off in the bay of Agiou Dimitriou (Saint Demetrius bay) with a swim in the blue waters of the beach which is characterized by the white lilies that grow every August. While in Agios Dimitrios you can taste the excellent local dishes in small taverns and obtain the necessary supplies.