kythnos island

The island of Kythnos is distinguished by its mild tourism development with adequate accommodations to meet the needs of visitors. There are some hotels but they are mainly dominated by smaller units or rooms, apartments and studios. Several options exist in Merichas which is the port at Chora, Kythnos, Messaria, the popular seaside Loutra (Baths) and the other settlements of the island.

Generally regarding residences, Kythnos is characterized by affordable prices so the cost of holidays remains low, while many units have interesting offers with low prices. There are of course variations in price according to the requirements of holidaymakers, the services and type of facility, which means that the cost in some cases may be especially low.

On Kythnos there are hotels in their classic design form, which includes public reception rooms, dining, recreation and bedrooms with baths, which also provide daily cleaning, toiletries and breakfast, which operate according to the specifications and directives for hotels and one can book by on line booking or reservation or more traditional means (telephone, travel agents etc). Although there are few hotels, which are mostly located at Chora, Loutra (Baths), at Mericha and at Kanala, the sum total of beds on the island can cover most tourist demands. When you search you will find that there are economy and budget hotels with remarkable benefits mainly in relation to other more developed tourist areas of Greece.

These small hotels are built according to Cycladic architecture inherent to the landscape and culture of the island, often combining minimal decor with traditional, overlooking the sea or “on” the sea, while offering services that appeal to today’s modern lifestyle. Units are equipped with air conditioning, TV, safe, telephone, internet connection, refrigerator and some of them with fully equipped kitchen, and even a restaurant inside the structure as well as facilities for people with disabilities. Although not all the hotels have private parking, you can use the public parking spaces available in the settlements.

Hotels on Kythnos are smaller than usual, so they do not have pools or sports facilities or other activities, although due to the nature of the lifestyle on the small island and the relationships between the locals, there is good cooperation, so they provide the necessary recommendations and can give you information and advice as well as organize some activities, such as diving, hiking along the trails of Kythnos, boat rides etc. The hotels of the island certainly cannot be classified as “luxury”, but their benefits and their aesthetics add affordable luxury.

The majority of the rooms available have balconies overlooking the sea, and are close to the market and the beach, depending of course always on the settlement and orientation of each hotel. The hotels on the island offered benefits for families, couples and for those who prefer secluded vacations or want to be with their friends. The fact that the island of Kythnos does not belong to the most popular tourist destinations and also the lack of extensive development have the effect of generally prevailing low prices with inexpensive hotels and accommodations.

In conclusion, we could say that wherever you choose to spend a holiday on Kythnos, the island is meets your needs with its beautiful beaches and picturesque villages, readily available rooms and hotels, with wonderful sea views and a picturesque landscape. All these and a tranquil environment are available with generally low rates compared with other more popular islands.