kythnos island

Although Kythnos is a fairly large island and has relatively few residents. The population does not exceed 2,000 and is spread mainly in five major areas in population: Hora of Kythnos or Messaria, Merihas, Dryopida or Horio, Loutra and Kanala. These we the areas we will find most cafes that often transform into bars after 8pm for evening drinks.

Coffee - Bar by region

Undoubtedly most BAR - CAFE are to be found at Mericha where the main port dominates and has a better showing of tourists. We would say that Merichas is the nightlife center of the island. Bars and cafes at Merihas are spread along the coastline and enjoy views of the sea. Breakfast, snacks, ice cream, desserts, sweets, soft drinks, cocktails and alcoholic beverages abound. In the evening, most of these shops are transformed into bars with loud music and drink except for 2-3 Bar - Clubs operating exclusively at night.

In the area of Loutra the presence of café is particularly intense. This is due to the organized marina featuring harbor of the village and it attracts many tourists during the summer months. Cafes, bars and ouzeri (establishments offering ouzo and meze together) whch are literally on the beach, will offer relaxation. Some of the cafes will continue to operate in the evening with drinks and more "atmospheric" music.

Hora Kythnos
The Hora (capital) is proud of the most stylish and elegant establishments for coffee, dessert or drink. Combining the lack of motorcars, the Cyclades aroma and aristocratic finesse the Hora cafes (Messaria) will impress even the most demanding guests. Cafe that gather younger ages, traditional coffee shops (old style), pastry shops and trendy bars make up the colorful tapestry of fun and nightlife in the Chora of Kythnos. All extend over the two parallel main streets-alleys that run along the length of the settlement.

At the Large Village (Megalo Horio) otherwise called Dryopida, the presence of shops for coffee and other beverages are minimal. At the few that you do see, are around the village square at the entrance of the village, but around the main church, you can enjoy your drink away from the rumblings of wheeled vehicles (as they are prohibited within the village). Dryopida is also famous for traditional sweets offered in almost all bar-coffee shops among the traditional buildings of unique architecture that the village has.

Few but good coffee bars can be found in the area Panagia Kanala. The mainly Cafe-Bar can be found on the beach of Megali Ammos. On the other side -on the way to the monastery of Kanala- you will find some smaller shops (usually tavernas) which offer coffee, soft drinks or ouzo.

But it is also possible to find café at more remote areas where restaurants can also serve it. These you will find at Lefkes, Agios Stefanos and Agios Dimitrios etc.