kythnos island

At the southernmost tip of the island lies the holiday resort of Agios Dimitrios, with its homonymous beach. Administratively it belongs to the local community Dryopida with just 33 residents, according to the latest census. The distance from Chora and Merichas is 19 km and 17 km respectively, traversing the mountainous terrain leading to the ridge of barren hills with scattered chapels is accomplished in about 40 minutes.

The village consists mainly of summer houses belonging to Kythnians and villas built by regular visitors to Agios Dimitrios, Kythnos who love the area. Almost all the houses are built amphitheatrically overlooking the sea and located mainly at the northern end of the bay.

It is worth the ride to see the authentic Cycladic hinterland which is traversed by endless stone walls forming terraces that divide properties, orchards, vineyards and protect farmland.

At the western end before the entrance to the village on the bare landscape lies the secluded beach of Aliki requiring a downhill trip on a dirt road. Then, descending to the bay of St. Demetrius, perched on the northern hillside is the settlement of whitewashed Cycladic houses and cottages. The scene is complete with small taverns, a few rooms and the stands of the trees providing ample shade in front of the long sandy beach.

Do not forget to taste the traditional cuisine of St. Demetrios at the beach taverns.

A special feature of the settlement is the white lilies that grow in the beach sand releasing fragrances that waft on the breeze in August and the almost magical sunset as you gaze to the West.