kythnos island

Naoussa (for some Aossa) is a small settlement with only 4 inhabitants (Census: 2011), the 13th largest municipality of Kythnos. Naoussa is very picturesque and located east of Dryopida and south of Agios Stefanos (St. Stephen) at a sheltered bay. The official name is Aosa according to EL.STAT and according to the Kallikratis Geographical Code it is number 6302000203.

The settlement is built around the beach to which you can get to with just a short walk of about 200 meters. It is the first beach that we meet of three in a row: Naoussa - Kouri - Zogkaki where each is connected by stairs to the other.

Naoussa (Aousa) is the northernmost beach of the three great surprises the visitor sees when he first lays eyes standing before of one of the most scenic spots of the Kythnos Peninsula - the Island of St. John the Merciful. A narrow pass leads to the islet where the temple lies which is accessible via a path from the north side of Naoussa beach.

The village is mainly inhabited by vacationers living elsewhere in Greece who return to their cottages in summer and some visitors, who come to swim at the small beach.

Naoussa Kythnos is considered one of the last refuges of the Cyclades for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty at the same time!

To get one to Naoussa you must start your journey at Dryopida with Hora as your destination. A few kilometers after turning at the sign for Agios Stefanos and after a few hundred meters, right again for Aosa, via the asphalt road leading to the village.