kythnos island

Like in most Greek islands, Kythnos has villages and small settlements scattered around its terrain. Some have permanent inhabitants while others return only during the tourist season, offering hotels, apartments and rooms as holiday accommodation. Typically speaking, a village has a population of 50 up to 2000 inhabitants. In Kythnos, however, settlements of less than 50 people are still mentioned as villages in many tourist maps. The main reason for this is that during the holiday season, their population multiplies considerably. Greeks that originate from Kythnos but live in other parts of the country annually visiting their birthplace for their summer holiday.

“”, takes the above facts and names into account because the villages or communities in the areas with a population of more than 100 people grow further during the summer months. Amounts are approximate and largely depend on the last national census and on the data presented by the locals who collaborate with us to provide you with the best travel guide for Kythnos island.

The number of inhabitants per village or settlement in the following lists is based on the census of 2011, according to “Kallikratis Programme” and mentions all settlements of the local Community of Dryopida and the Community of Kythnos.

List of villages and settlements:

Chora - Messaria (Village: 561 inhabitants)
Merichas (Village: 369 inhabitants)
Dryopida (Village: 325 inhabitants)
Loutra (Village: 81 inhabitants)
Agios Dimitrios (Village: 33 inhabitants)
Kanala (Village: 24 inhabitants)
Flampouria (Settlement: 16 inhabitants)
Apokrisi (Settlement: 11 inhabitants)
Episkopi (Settlement: 8 inhabitants)
Agios Stefanos (Settlement: 8 inhabitants)
Agia Irini (Settlement: 8 inhabitants)
Skylos (Settlement: 6 inhabitants)
Aosa (Settlement: 4 inhabitants)
Lefkes (Settlement: 2 inhabitants)

The following settlements have no permanent inhabitants and visitors come only during the summer months.:

Kalo Livadi (Settlement: 0 inhabitants)
Gaidouromantra (Settlement: 0 inhabitants)
Liotrivi (Settlement: 0 inhabitants)
Piperi Isle (Settlement: 0 inhabitants)