kythnos island

Episkopi, Kythnos, is located at the northwestern end of the island. It is the nearest seaside resort at the harbor of Merichas, as it is located just 2 km away, a 5 minute drive, towards the town, passing by the small regional Martinakia beach, just past the harbor. There are frequent coach bus shuttles running the route between Merichas and Chora and sea taxis from the port of Kythnos. The distance from the town is 5 km over approximately 11 minutes.

Administratively Episkopi belongs to the local community of Kythnos (Chora). The number of residents of the small village is only eleven (11) people, according to the latest census of the year 2011. The small village consists mainly of holiday homes of locals and tourists.

The small settlement of Episkopi, Kythnos, is built around a secluded bay, on the ridges of the hills overlooking the bay. The houses are perched mainly in the southern section of the beach, on the ridges of a small hill, on the other side of which are Martinakia. On the northern end of the village of Episkopi, on the outskirts of the Vryokastro hill, are newly built holiday homes. In the lowland behind the beach between the gardens and the trees are also a few houses and small cottages, providing self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables to the few residents of the village.

At Episkopi located near the coastline overlooking the picturesque bay, there are some rooms and apartments, all built according to Cycladic architecture. More lodgings are of course available at the nearby port of Merichas.

A key feature of Episkopi village is its seashore, forming one of the few organized beaches on the island. It is long and sandy, with blue water and a few trees that offer their shade to the swimmers. Quite often it gets busy and is widely preferred by young people and families who appreciate relaxing swimming in shallow waters.

On the beach of Episkopi is an organized seaside bar with sun beds and umbrellas, where you can relax and enjoy refreshing beverages, drinks and snacks. More choices for eateries are provided at the nearby port of Merichas.

At the other end of the beach to the north, after the cluster of “Armiriki” trees standing slightly elevated sits the chapel of Saint Vlassis. The chapel is built among the rocks at the edge of the Episkopi coastline and the stone face of the hill. From there you can admire the picturesque bay of Episkopi and the village.