kythnos island

Although Kythnos’ tourism has only started to grow in recent years, there are a significant number of furnished villas and luxury homes for rent. While regarding the island of Kythnos residences rooms and apartments available dominate, and there are comparatively few hotels, villas and luxurious self-catering luxury accommodation, an important part on the availability of beds has been observed as an increasing trend.

The renting of luxury homes and villas although not addressed at the majority of the tourist population, it still covers a considerable proportion of visitors to the island of Kythnos. Prices as expected are significantly different from those of simple rooms and studios, although this does not mean that there are no variations depending on the region or the settlement, distance from the sea, the view, the time period, the benefits and the convenience, luxury and quality offered by each of the luxurious houses and villas.

Furnished rental villas will be found at the largest settlements on the island as in Mericha the islands harbor, in the picturesque Hora, at the coastal Kanala and the popular Loutra (Baths). But mainly around those in prominent positions away from the crowds, where the comparative advantage is the privacy they offer. Many villas and luxury homes for rent can be found close to picturesque villages and beautiful beaches that do not usually gather large numbers of tourists like in Agios Sostis in Schinari, Loutra (Baths), at Aosa, at Potamia (Rivers) and more often visited areas such as Martinakia but also Episkopi (Diocese), at Apokrousi in the more private locations.

There is a set of standards to be met by furnished rental villas, villas and luxury homes widely applicable in Greece and by extension in Kythnos. So for example, the tourist furnished villas, villas, are usually one or two floor houses with interesting architectural form which have independent external access, privacy and connected land, building and garden. Furnished tourist residences usually relate to individual or groups of one or two floor houses which also offer autonomy, as well as independent external access and privacy. The land on which they are erected offers interesting natural or organized environments, which is why in Kythnos the villas one encounters in various locations offer a view of particular or distinct beauty. Provision is also guaranteed by law for distances of 6 meters at least between buildings, and a garden at least equal to the surface of the building. The villas of Kythnos have the above advantages as they are primarily located in prominent locations with unrestricted view beyond the threshold and offer large spaces and gardens. Moreover concerning the furnished tourist villa, a minimum area of 100 sq.m., including space used for seating, 1-2 spaces as bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage. The surrounding space is required to be complete and well-formed, optionally providing a pool and sports areas.

The villas Kythnos all have technical and quality features such as the formation of volumetric shapes in accordance with the natural environment, their adaptation to the natural terrains slope, the harmonious arrangement of the interior spaces with outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces, an unrestricted sea view or of the picturesque landscape, the distinctive furnishings and architectural character.

So guests who choose to spend their vacation offering themselves a stay in a luxury villa, options offered on Kythnos are really many. Many are from the beginning built, configured and decorated with the purpose of renting, and in recent years it has been observed that the privately owned holiday villas available directly from their owners to rent for tourist purposes. The independent villas houses and outdoor spaces are usually built on multiple levels following the natural slope, the interiors are spacious and are distinguished by the way the Mediterranean light illuminates them, and have a particular style of decoration and furnishings and offer luxury in accommodation to all visitors on the island of Kythnos.

The villas consist of a living and dining area, fully equipped kitchen and bedrooms depending on the number of people. Directed both to families or family friends as well since many of the luxury villas have sufficient rooms to host more people. Most villas have large terraces and gardens, with outdoor seating areas or dining, bbq, deck chairs, hammocks in the garden and even a swimming pool, so many people organize their time to experience the holiday in the warmth that can be offered by the privacy of an independent home, combined with the luxury of a villa or even to combine a holiday with friends family under the same luxurious roof.

Generally, the areas around the settlements of Kythnos, as well as at most of the beaches on Kythnos, the provided furnished rental villas and luxury homes are there for you to enjoy quality accommodation with more amenities and facilities.