kythnos island

Reaching Kythnos by helicopter is the quickest way. In only a few minutes from Athens you can reach the desired destination in great safety, without wasting any time.

Transportation to Kythnos by helicopter can be quite easy, as there are charter flights throughout the whole year, both from the ‘El. Venizelos’ Airport of Athens and the Airport of ‘Elliniko’ (former airport of Athens).

Flights are taken up by private companies which use the above basic airports which have the most organized helipads in Greece. Helicopter flights are made throughout the year and become very frequent during summer months.

Departure and arrival timetables are available at the Touristic Info Desk of Kythnos (tel. 22810 32250) which provides valid information to travelers.

Helipad of Kythnos

Kythnos's helipad is situated 500 m. north of Kythnos Chora on the way to Loutra. It offers the appropriate construction and safety in a guarded, fenced, host helicopter area. It has lighted windsock, fire extinguishing system , power supply and immediate access to asphalt.

Reaching the helipad can take you only 1 minute from Mesaria- Chora Kythnou by car or taxi. Alternatively, it is a 10 minute walk.

Kythnos's helipad transfers both locals and tourists throughout the year.
• In the first case, it mainly concerns the transportation of patients to the hospitals of Athens when there is urgent need or when ships can’t reach the port due to bad weather.
• In the second case, flights are contracted to private rental helicopter companies, which perform charter flights carrying tourists to Kythnos.

The supervision of maintenance and operation of the helipad in Kythnos is provided by Civil Aviation Agency in co-operation with the municipality of Kythnos.

Flights to the helipad of Kythnos are made only during daylight unless there is an emergency when night flights are made only by military or rescue helicopters.