kythnos island

Arriving at Kythnos, the port of Merichas is the first sight of Kythnos to the visitor. Merichas is the main port of Kythnos, a natural and leeward port that accommodates the pier that docks ships arriving from the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio. Travelling to Kythnos from the Cape of Kavo D’ Oro towards the south and west Cyclades, the ports of Merichas and Loutra are among the first you will see.

Two main island routes start from Merichas. The first is an asphalt road leading to the capital (Messaria) and then to Loutra. The other, also an asphalt road leads to Dryopida and Panagia Kanala. Local transportation uses these two routes to shuttle people towards Chora and Loutra or towards Dryopida and Panagia Kanala.

Merichas belongs administratively to the local community of Dryopida. It is a settlement on its own, the 3rd largest in Kythnos, with 369 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census, after Messaria (806) and Dryopida (797).

The village has many tourists during the summer season as everyone from here will pass through Merihas which is the only port for ships operating the main arrival routes to the island. Next to the port there is a pier for small boats and yachts, as well as the meeting place of the owners of maritime transport. Despite the heavy traffic, the beautiful bay of crystal clear waters is suitable for swimming and fishing.

Merichas is equipped with every convenience that will make the visitors stay there pleasant and relaxing. It has several hotels, lodges and inns. The beach is on the noisier side but offers all the comforts and conveniences of an organized resort. Moving deeper into the village there is more tranquility to enjoy for the visitor who wants a quieter holiday. Fresh fish is served in traditional taverns and restaurants, the local specialties and all the seafood of the island is accompanied by ouzo or wonderful local wine. In the modern bars you can enjoy your drink and coffee is served at the cafes which are equipped with WiFi and you will probably get to enjoy the sunset. Here the sunset, particularly from the cape of Mark, considered one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades, perhaps the most beautiful.

The village also has a pharmacy, supermarkets, travel agencies, banks, ATM’s, fuel stations, a car and motorcycle rental desk, souvenir shops, while at the same time small shops to meet the needs of both residents and tourists.

Alongside Mericha is the Port Authority of the island. Its presence provides solutions to several issues raised at the sea, on the beaches or the surrounding area, as well as guidance to seafarers.

From Merihas you can visit the nearby picturesque beaches by boat and enjoy a swim. Heading south, you will find the Cape and several picturesque bays stretching to Aspropounta. Oriented toward the north on the other hand, you will first visit Martinakia, a small beach with inns and taverns. Then there is the somewhat remote beach of the Episkopi where the trees reach down to the sea. Still further north we find Apokrousi. It is one of the largest beaches on Kythnos with gorgeous blue waters, golden sand and large trees that provide shade to swimmers who find protection from the sun's persistent midday sun.