kythnos island

Kythnos, like most of the Aegean islands, receives very little rainfall which combined with strong winds, does not allow the growth of high vegetation. But this doesn't mean that there is no variety... Jerusalem sage, Mediterranean schinus and aromatic plants such as sage, thyme and oregano complete the landscape. To these aromatic plants and especially to thyme Kythnos honey (known since antiquity) owes its unique taste.

The visitor of summer is hardly able to admire the colors of the shrub vegetation as the intense sun has done its work... The biological cycle of the bushy vegetation is complete and the plants fall into a summer aestivation waiting for the first raindrops to wake them up from their sleep. On the contrary, the visitor who comes in early spring can to admire the bushy vegetation in its full glory. In spring all plants begin to throw their new offsprings and revive themselves. Then scenery is green and full of life. Among the shrubs, small wildflowers spring out, many of which are rare, such as black fritilaria and saffron, while others are more common, such as bellflowers and starthistlers. The careful observer will see small wild orchids complementing this beautiful landscape.


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