kythnos island

The Skylou beach (Dog beach) is located on the southeastern coast of the island. After Panagia Kanala bay (Virgin Kanala bay) follows the small Nika beach where no road access is available and then the Agios Nicholas beach (Saint Nicholas beach), which can be accessed by a dirt road. Finally you arrive at Skylou Bay (Dog bay), Kythnos, with its homonymous beach.

It is a beach of about 250 meters in length quite wide, especially in some parts the width reaches 55 meters. The Skylou beach (Dog beach) is particularly beautiful thanks to its crystal clear waters. It has white sand and pebbles, and the water makes swimming a pleasure. Usually the Skylou beach (Dog beach) is deserted, one rarely encounters other bathers and it is even rarer to encounter families.

While most beaches of Kythnos are characterized by the “Armirikia” trees that grow along them, the Skylou beach (Dog beach) is bare of these and offers no shade. To the rear of the beach, wherever it is quite wide, there are some trees and several reeds growing on the edges of the streams from the nearby hillsides.

In the vicinity of the beach there are restaurants, cafes and other shops but you will still have to come well supplied. On the hill at the northeastern end of the beach there are some holiday cottages. At the back of the beach on the southwestern side stands slightly elevated the chapel of Agios Nicholas (Saint Nicholas), it is a white church with blue window frames and dry stone terraces.

Geographical position (At the center of the beach):
37°19'57.13" (Latitude)
24°24'57.48" (Longitude)

Access to the Skylou beach

By sea:

The Skylou beach (Dog beach) is often the destination of those who have a yacht, as it is located at the east section of the island from where the vessels that arrive at Loutra (Bath) make their first excursion stop, it is also a first choice for those that anchor at Agios Stefanos (Saint Stephen) and Panagia Kanala (Virgin Kanala).

By road or path:

The Skylou beach (Dog beach) is located 12.8 kilometers from the port of Merichas. Initially you start on the Main Provincial Road of Kythnos with southeastern direction from Merichas towards Dryopida, skirt the settlement continuing on the Main road south for about 3 km. Then turn left at the relevant sign, and then continue for 2 km and 400 meters before the road’s end turn right.

The distance from Chora, Kythnos, is 11.3 kilometers, the trip lasting about 23 minutes. Follow the main Provincial Road heading south towards Dryopida, continue straight along to the “backbone” of the island, then turn left at the junction just after the church of St. Eleftherios and finally right.

There is no delineated marked path, although there is a dirt road from Panagia Kanala (Virgin Kanala) encountered the road to Skylou beach (Dog beach), a distance of about 4.5 km. The maximum altitude of the hiking route reaches 131m in the middle point of the distance and then descends to the beach.