kythnos island

Schinari is a beach located on the east coast of the island of Kythnos in front of the homonymous small village, near the popular Loutra (Baths) and specifically north of Loutra. The beach Schinari Kythnos is selected primarily by those seeking a quiet and calm beach not far from the fun and the crowds that are right next to Loutra.

The beach is large and sandy with crystalline blue waters and rock formations at its ends. Many large Armiriki trees with thick foliage grow along the beach, which generously offer their shade to the holidaymaker. The trees literally reach the sea, so you can enjoy the shade while lying right next to the sea.

It is ideal beach if you desire peace and quiet, especially for families wishing to be close to a larger settlement to combine their entertainment and more options with regard to accommodation and catering. Also, Loutra (Baths) is within walking distance of the beach of Schinari.

Very near the beach of Schinari are some rooms and apartments which are fully equipped providing the means to prepare your own meals. Also in Schinari, very close to the beach, is one taverna where you can retire after a swim and enjoy genuine Kythnian recipes.

On the hill of the hill to the east of the beach at Schinari, stands a chapel and lower, near the edges of the hill that reach the sea, there are some houses and apartments. Characteristic features are the trees and the few pine trees that are on this side of the island as opposed to the dry and stark landscape that dominates almost the entire island of Kythnos.

On the west side of the small bay to the west of the beach, where the Loutra beach (Baths) starts, an old loading bay stands imposingly. It is a steel structure that stands on two stone pillars hail from another era. The rig was used to transfer the iron ore from the mines that once operated on the island.

Geographical Position (at the beach’s center):
* 37° 26' 42.45" Latitude
* 24° 25' 35.78" Longitude

Access to the beach of Schinari

By sea:

The beach of Schinari is literally located a stone's throw from the Loutra beach which is equipped with marina berths.

By road or path:

You can drive from Mericha to Schinari and its beach in about 25 minutes covering a distance of 13 km. You start from Mericha in a northwesterly direction on the main district road to the town, continue on the regional country road, follow a tight left turn and then continue for about 5 km, do not turn at the sign indicating Loutra but continue and turn right before the last 400 meters following the signs. The distance from the town is just 6.5 km.

The area is preferred by many hikers who follow the path Chora-Loutra of 4 km length and continue on after the settlement of the Loutra, passing the boundary of the loading platform of the old mines you come face to face with the beach of Schinari. The trail starts from the north of Hora, and then crosses the main Provincial Road at the fuel station. It continues keeping the road on your left and after 3 km you meet the main road, which you follow. It is a trail that consists of approximately 70% narrow coble stone streets and asphalt.