kythnos island

In the wider bay of Kanala on the east side of the island of Kythnos, is the beach of Megali Ammos. The popular village of Kanala is built around the unique pine forest of the island where there is the church of Panagia Kanala with the miraculous image of Our Lady, which was found by fishermen. During the summer months the beach of Megali Ammos, is preferred both by vacationers and the locals as well as the visitors who are on the rest of the island and arrive in the picturesque village of Kanala.

As the name bears witness, Megali Ammos (the Great Sand Beach) is a sandy beach and one of the busiest beaches of Kythnos. The beach stretches in the gulf formed to the right of the settlement, while on the left is also the beautiful beach of Antonia. Between the beach of Megali Ammos and the Kanala peninsula, a small beach called Ammoudaki has formed, which usually hosts fishing boats.

The beach of Megali Ammos with its golden sand and shallow, azure water is chosen mainly by families. Along the beach grow a few scattered trees, some of them literally on the beaten by the tide. Of course this number is not sufficient to provide shade to all swimmers. The Beach Bar which operates on the beach provides its services to bathers.

Taverns where you can taste the Kythnian cuisine and fresh fish arriving daily from the fishing boats are in the area. There are also cafes where you can enjoy your breakfast or just relax while appreciating your coffee, pastries or ice cream after your bath. In the settlement various shops and bakery exist where you can purchase necessary items.

At the back of the beach behind the snow-white holiday homes, lies a small valley created as streams flow down from the mountainsides. There the residents maintain orchards and vegetable gardens to source their vegetables. At the western end of the beach on the low hill there are only a few scattered holiday cottages.

To the east of the beach after Ammoudaki, the peninsula of Kanala dominates. At its base the rocks of the sea stand imposingly and at the southern tip is the chapel of Saint Calliope, from where you can have a wider view of the bay of Kanala. Also on the right side of the bay there is a small pier and stairs leading to the small pine forest. The settlement around it and the protector of the island, the church of Panagia Kanala in the middle, create a unique landscape in this small peninsula of the Kythnos.

Geographical position (at the beach’s center):
37°20'47.38" (latitude)
24°25'55.24" (longitude)

Access to Megali Ammos beach

By sea:

Starting usually from Loutra (Baths) as a base, the beach of Megali Ammos stands out after successive bays in the middle of the south-eastern side of the chapel of Panagia Kanala constructed on the pine-covered peninsula. The Gulf of Kanala is open to the south and east and caution is necessary due to the reef in the bay entrance.

By road or path:

The Megali Ammos beach is only 6.5 from the settlement of Dryopida. Initially you head south on basic Provincial Road, and turn left towards the canal. From Mericha the distance is 11.5 km lasting about 20 minutes by car, you start towards Dryopida which skirt and continue south and then east. The Megali Ammos beach is located 10.7 kilometers from the town (Hora), starting the journey south towards Dryopida, whilst staying in basic Provincial Road, continue south and then turn left at sign to Kanala.

The area is preferred by many hikers who follow the path Dryopida-Agios Konstantinos-channel whose length is 8 km. This is a path that is cleared approximately 75% of the way, while 10% consists of seasonally traversable road.

The route begins with south direction, from an altitude of 259m and reaches a maximum of 304m as the first 2.5 km, continued without fluctuations in the next 2.5 km and then heads south, turning left to Saint Constantine and gradually descends.

The hiker can also start from Agios Minas at Dryopida heading southeast to arrive in Kalo Livadi after 4 km and from there continue west for the remaining 3 km to Kanala ending up on the beach of Megali Ammos. This is an ambulatory path with variations in uphill and downhills and the path is clear 45% of the way while consisting of 30% dirt roads and streets.