kythnos island

The beach of Loutra (Baths), Kythnos, is located in front of the homonymous settlement at the northeastern part of the island, and comprises part of the bay of Loutra (Baths). This beach is selected by both the residents of the settlement as well as tourists and visitors to this popular seaside resort, which has a marina and spas.

The beach of Loutra (Baths) is large, located in the center of the bay, while just behind that are the buildings of the spas, the spa that was designed by Ernst Ziller and was visited King Otto and Queen Amalia. The presence of hot mineral springs and their therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times lending the previous name of “Thermia” by which Kythnos island was known.

What makes Loutra Beach (Baths beach) special is the existence of hot springs which through a channel reach the beach flowing into the sea. At this point, delineated with rocks from the sea, in the southern part of the beach there has been created a small pool where the hot spring water of Kakavou, as the locals call it, mixes with the salt water. The water temperature remains constant throughout the year and reaches 52° Celsius.

To the right of the beach, over the Pisina (pool) with healing properties, stands the tower of Mazarakis, it is the Mazarakis family home, a tower built in Western European rhythm, which gives a special touch to the resort of Loutra (Baths).

The beach of Loutra (Baths) is quite big and looks like two continuous beaches, the one on the left after the jetty has sand and small pebbles, trees, and umbrellas. Along its length, on the road are many taverns and cafeterias, which spread their tables literally on the beach. A few meters further along, the beach continues and is quite wider where large trees and fixed umbrellas offer shade to the swimmers. This is where the diving center of the island operates, offering an alternative activity for tourists. Finally at the right end of the beach is the pool that flows from the hot spring.

Around the beach of Loutra (Baths beach) is the amphitheatrically built picturesque village with whitewashed Cycladic houses and the tops of churches and windmills jutting between them. There are also several rooms for rent, many of them within walking distance from the beach. Generally there are many choices in rooms, studios and small hotels. In the region there is also a bakery, a super market and small shops.

Gazing at Loutra (Baths) and its beach conjures the feeling of a summer resort, as the harbor swarms with boats, speedboats and sailboats, often tied off in double and even triples rows at both marinas.

From the beach Loutra (Baths) at the north of the bay, you can distinguish an old loading bay protruding, which was once used for the transport of minerals in the previous century when there were iron mines operating on the island.

Geographical position (At the center of the beach):
37°26'29.59" (Latitude)
24°25'32.42" (Longitude)

Access to Loutra beach

By sea:

Το φυσικό λιμανάκι των Λουτρών είναι δημοφιλές και γνωστό στους λάτρεις της θάλασσας. Στο αριστερό άκρο της παραλίας υπάρχουν δύο πολυσύχναστες μαρίνες. Το αγκυροβόλι των Λουτρών λειτουργεί ως ορμητήριο για εξορμήσεις, καθώς προσφέρει πολλές παροχές και το βασικό παρέχει προστασία από τα μελτέμια.

The natural harbor of Loutra (Baths) are popular and well known among boaters. At the left end of the beach there are two crowded marinas. The anchorage of Loutra (Baths) serves as a base for excursions, offers many benefits and provides basic protection from the wind.

By road and path:

One can get to the Loutra beach (Baths beach) by driving from Mericha in about 22 minutes covering a distance of 12 km. Starting from Mericha in a northwesterly direction on the main district road toward Hora, continue along skirting Hora on the regional road, followed by a close left turn and continue on for 4.5 km before the last 300 meters of the road, turn left and then right leading to the center of the beach. The distance from the town it is just 5.5 km from there.

The area is preferred by many hikers who follow the 4 km length path Hora-Loutra. The trail starts at the northern end of Hora and after 1 kilometer crosses the main road in the district at the fuel station and then continues on to the hill keeping the road to the left, after 3 km it meets the main road. It is a path that consists of narrow streets, secondary and primary asphalt roads about 70% of the way. The route already starts at an altitude of 142m and gradually descends to 93m in the first 2.5 km. For the next 600 meters the descent becomes steeper and returns to an easier gradient in the last kilometer of the route.