kythnos island

Lefkes beach is located in front of the homonymous settlement on the eastern side of the island. This beach is chosen by holidaymakers and visitors staying in nearby Dryopida.

The beach is quite large with crystal clear blue waters and rocky formations at its ends. Lefkes beach in Kythnos combines sand and pebbles. Glossy pebbles shine on the bottom of the sea making swimming enjoyable. It is ideal for anyone who likes some quiet during holidays and also for families with children.

Along the beach there are several trees, characteristic of the beaches of Kythnos, that offer their shade to the holidaymaker. Many visitor come here fully equipped and make picnic under the trees, or choose to eat in the only tavern of the settlement.

A few meters from the beach in Lefkes are few rooms and apartments to rent. Most rooms are fully equipped so you can prepare your meal there. Supplies can be made at the nearby super market, 3 km away, towards Dryopida. Otherwise you can indulge in the local flavors at the tavern, of which the owners also offer accomodation.

On the low hill of the bay to the east of the beach there are few houses, studios and rooms to let, while on the west side of the beach are most of the settlement's houses. Behind the beach after the few scattered houses are the orchards of the settlement with fruit, vegetables and trees in the fields before the beach.

From the beach in Lefkes Kythnos, you can see, in the middle of the hill on the left, an old loading platform used for the transport of ore as in the last century iron mines were operating on the island.

A panoramic picture of both the beach and the bay, can be made from the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, which is found to the left of the beach. The stairs on the small pier lead to the chapel that has a large courtyard from where you can gaze at the sea.

Geographical location (in the center of the beach):
37° 22' 26.60" (North)
24° 27' 04.13" (East)

Access to Lefkes beach

By sea:

Many people choose to anchor in Lefkes beach coming from Agios Stefanos or Kanala but generally it does not belong to the famous anchorages of Kythnos.

By road or by path::

You can reach the beach by car from the village of Dryopida. The distance is 5.7 km. First you head northwest, then you turn left and then again left and pass outside Dryopida. Once you see the windmills on the right and left and also a small chapel, follow a big turn to the right, that leads to Chora. Then you drive for about 1.5 km and in the next junction turn right, then right again always having the settlement on your right.

The distance from Mericha harbor is 10.3 km with a duration of approximately 22 minutes. Follow the main axis in the direction of Driopida and continue like above.

The area is preferred by many walkers who follow the path of Driopida-Panagia Mathia-Lefkes 3.6 km long and it takes about 1.5 hours. The path is clean and marked for the most length of the route. The route begins at an altitude of 186 meters and reaches a maximum of 236 meters in the first 800 meters and then gradually descends. The walker starts from Agios Minas to Driopida and head towards the chapel of Agios Vlassis, crosses the asphalt vertically until he reaches the path that begins at paved road. The route continues until the chapel of Panagia Mathias with the springs and the old laundry basins. In the next branch of the path, Spitares are ruins of the administration buildings from the mining company thhat operated from the 19th century to the 1940's. With a south-eastern direction towards the sea, the path passes through Agios Giannis, which is distinguished by dense vegetation due to the springs. The route continues downhill and has visual contact with Lefkes.