kythnos island

The beach of Episkopi is one of the busiest beaches of Kythnos and lies in front of the homonymous settlement, overlooking the enclosed bay. It is located at the northwestern section of the island, only 2 km from the port of Merichas.

The Episkopi beach is quite wide and long, stretching for approximately 500 meters. It is a sandy beach with gentle landscape and deep blue shallow waters, ideal for families with small children but also perfect for enjoyable swimming. A key feature is that it is organized. At the southern tip there are sunbeds, umbrellas and music, provided by the beach bar. The scattered large “Armiriki” trees standing on the beach and offer shade and the calming sound of the leaves in the wind for those vacationers who choose a quieter spot.

The fact that it is very close to the port, with easy access, provides sun loungers, music, umbrellas and trees makes it attractive for many groups. At Episkopi beach one can encounter the entire age spectrum, families with young children, youngsters swimming, playing beach rackets, along with the sound of music, but also the elderly who swim or play with their grandchildren.

At the southern end of the beach, a Beach Bar offers sun loungers and umbrellas. Vacationers can enjoy refreshing beverages, drinks and snacks to the sounds of music. Note that there are no other food options on the beach or in the village of Episkopi, only at nearby Merichas.

At the northern section of the coast is the church of Agios Vlassis. The church is built on the rocks at the edge of the beach and surrounded by stone walls around the small hill. Standing at the church, the beach and the facing small village perched on the hill, unfolds across the picturesque bay that meets the horizon. It is an ideal spot to immortalize the scene of the famous beach with a camera or a selfie.

Geographical Position(at the beaches’ center):
* 37°23'58.81" (Latitude)
* 24°23'58.42" (Longitude)

Access to Episkopi beach

By sea:

The small bay of Episkopi is located a stone's throw from the nearby port of Merichas. Many choose to swim in the blue waters of Episkopi beach, arriving with boats and inflatables mooring at the small pier at the southern part of the beach. There are also many water taxis operating the route between Merichas and Episkopi.

By road or path:

The Episkopi beach is just 2 km from the village of Merichas. The journey lasts five minutes by road towards Hora, passing by the small regional Martinakia beach, just past the harbor. There are frequent trips with “ΚΤΕΛ” bus coaches running the route between Mericha and Hora.

If you are at Hora, the distance is 5 km and lasts about 11 minutes. From the picturesque village of Dryopida the distance is 7.5 km.

If one chooses to follow the main road on foot, they will take about 40 minutes to reach the beach of Episkopi. Those who love hiking can follow the path from Episkopi beach and climb the hill with a maximum height of 128m at the northern end of the beach, to the site of Vryokastro, which was the ancient capital of the island. It is a 2 km trail to the castle, which continues descending for the next kilometer to the beach Apokrousi.

Another option for hikers is to follow the ambulating path from Dryopida, a total distance of 4 km. The route starts from 188m altitude passes Petrovouni with a maximum height of 211m and the remaining 2.3 km continue downhill to the beach of Episkopi.