kythnos island

The Antonides beach of is located at the southeastern side of the island, the picturesque village of Panagia Kanala (Virgin Kanala village) and more specifically in the small cove west of the pine laden Akrotiri Kanala (Cape Kanala). At the other end of the peninsula lie the beaches of Megali Ammos (Large sands beach) and Ammoudaki (Little sands beach).

It is a small beach at the farthest of the peninsula of Panagia Kanala (Virgin Kanala) with turquoise waters. The beach surface alternates with sand and pebbles. Along the length of the beachhead the waters start with the seabed covered by a stone slab, a continuation of the rocks in the adjacent hills into the sea. Of course there are points to the left and right of the slab to enter the turquoise waters of the beach of Antonides, avoiding the slippery slab.

The beach of Antonides, Kythnos, is particularly loved by younger people and one will rarely see families because access to it is only possible via the approximately ninety stairs. The Descent is done adjacent the dry stone walls and private residences.

The beach has quite a few Armiriki trees, with whitewashed trunks like most beaches of Kythnos. The shade they create and benches situated alongside them, relieve one from the burden of umbrellas and chairs, as the many steps make it prohibitive.

On the beach behind the row with the Armiriki trees you will most often see moored fishing boats in front of a dry stone enclosure that runs along the beach.

The low hill that marks the western end of the bay is bare and ends at the beach with successive stone slabs meeting the sea. To the east of the beach holiday houses and main residences, as well as some rooms are a continuation of the Kanala settlement.

Geographical position:
37°20'48.69" (Latitude)
24°26'16.92" (Longitude)

Access to Andonidon beach

By sea:

Many are those sea Cruiser owners who make the circumnavigation of the island using Loutra (Baths) as a base visiting the successive bays on the east coast. The beautiful beach of Antonidon, which is part of the larger Kanala bay, attracts boaters who dock at the nearby anchorage of Megali Ammo (Large Sands).

By road or path:

One can get to the Antonides beach via the Kanala settlement. From the port of Merichas it is 11.5 km, one starts towards Dryopida which is skirted by the regional road and continue south and then east till reaching the village of Kanala. The distance from the town to Kanala is 10.7 kilometers, starting with southerly direction toward Dryopida, stay on the basic Provincial Road, continuing south and then turn left at the road sign to Kanala. Once you reach the village of Kanala, follow the sign on your left indicating the climb to Anthonides. Because driving there is impossible, it is preferable to leave the vehicle at the village. Follow the path and the first street you will see after the first houses turn left and begin to descend by the stairs.

Hikers can follow the route Dryopida-Kalo Livadi (Good Meadow)-Kanala which is 7.1 km long. The trail starts from Agios Minas, Dryopida, heading southeast to Kalo Livadi (Good Meadow) and from there, continues southwest for the remaining 3 km to Kanala. Five hundred meters before the settlement you will meet Antonides Beach. This is a meandering path with ascent-descent variations across the hilly terrain.