kythnos island

The beach of Agios Stefanos is located in front of the homonymous settlement and has a wonderful view to the picturesque bay. The bay of Agios Stefanos in Kythnos provides shelter from etesian winds.

The beach of Agios Stefanos has both sand and pebbles and is family friendly. On the beach are scattered big tamarix trees, where the visitor can relax in their shade. The love of the locals to the beach can be seen by the fact that the traditional “asvestoma” of the houses has passed onto the trees as well.

In the middle of the beach and to its northern part, behind the dirt road there is a small lake, hidden behind the high bulrushes. It is a pond created in the middle of the small field just before the beach. It looks like the local ducks have taken a liking in this lake so one can often hear their horse clamor, see them parading on the beach or flying.

The holidaymaker can taste the local delicacies just sitting in front of the beach in one of the two taverns that serve coffee and traditional local Kynthian food.

At the western end of the beach, is the chapel of Agios Stefanos, with its whitewashed stone courtyard. In the little light that remains after dusk one can see the idyllic image of its reflection in the sea.

Geographical location (in the center of the beach):
37° 23' 49.33" (Latitude)
24° 27' 27.38" (Longitude)

Access to Agios Stefanos Beach

By sea:

The bay of Agios.Stefanos is recorded on the official nautical charts. Many choose to reach the beach of Agios Stefanos by boat and swim in the blue waters. Others choose the small port of Agios Stefanos to spend the night in a sheltered bay and make day trips to other beaches or nearby islands, like Serifos.

Via road or path:

You can reach the beach by car from Chora or Driopida (7.5 km). If you start from the port of Mericha, you can take two alternative routes of equal distance, ie 12.3 km and duration of about 27 minutes. The first route starts from Merichas on the road towards Chora and continues southeast towards Driopida and at last turning left at the junction to Agios Stefanos. The second alternative route is directed to Driopida, it passes peripherally and continues north-east towards Chora turning right at the junction to Agios Stefanos and then left at the junction with Aosα.

For those who prefer to walk there is a path from Chora to the beach of Agios Stefanos, about 4 kilometers in length. It starts at an altitude of 142 meters in Chora, continues uphill with a maximum height of 220 meters and gradually descends. Another path passes by Panagia tou Nikous after Chora and crosses the isolated hills leading first to the beach of Agios Ioannis and then continues towards Agios Stefanos. It is a good idea for anyone who would like to walk to contact the Municipality Tourism Office in Merichas for more information.